At the moment, we are not taking on standard web/cloud/vps/dedicated hosting clients.
However, we still provide advanced hosting services.

In case you have a website that's challenging to host in standard web hosting or cloudf environments, please contact us and we'll do our best to get it running for you.

We only want to provide hosting services to clients who are unable to get a decent hosting service elsewhere - either due to being under attack, or because their application has a high resource usage that's making hosting it extremely hard to standard web hosting providers.

Our approach to such hosting challenges varies on per-case basis and we put extreme amounts of work into getting websites to run.
At all times we follow a simple workflow - profile the website/application usage, pinpoint problems, analyze the application and figure out how and where to host each part in order to make it run.
We will never put your website on our servers server without making sure that its resource delivery and resource usage are optimized.
This approach goes above and beyond any support provided by web/cloud/vps/dedicated hosting providers because we focus on running a small number of very demanding websites; which is the exact opposite from what web hosting companies do.

Our company's mission is to bring cutting edge technologies to the masses. It's not to keep them on today's technologies and have them fend for themselves when they want to go above the mainstream curve.

In other words - whether you're running a very demanding mobile application, a large forum or image hosting site which have proven to be more than standard hositng providers can manage effectively, please contact us.
We will do our best to optimize the hosting for it and run it.